Stay at Home Chocolate Pack

Stay At Home Pack
Milk Wonka Bars
The Great Aussie Waffle Log
Chocolate Coated Stroopwafels
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Was: $75.00
Now: $69.00
Size: Various
Weight: Approx 1,050 grams
Pack Size: 5 of each

Feeling really hungy? All these products are available in larger packs.

Additional Info:
Featuring 3 of Chocolate Works Favourite Chocolates.

If you're stuck at home in lockdown, you'll need some chocolate for sustanence and entertainment and you need it delivered to your door.

The Stay At Home pack is all you'll need.

All items are exclusive to Chocolate Works.

You get:

5 x Wonka Bars (yes - you can win a golden ticket to win a Mega 1kg Wonka Bar)

5 x Great Aussie Waffle Logs (wafer with marshmallow inside coated in chocolate - think Pollywaffle)

5 x Chocolate Coated Stroopwafels (our latest invention, two thin wafers with caramel between them, coated in milk chocolate)

Each chocolate retails for $4.00 but you get 10% off retail value plus flat fee Australia wide shipping of $15.



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